Specialists in Urantzvetmet are the major value and advantage of the Company. Their professional competence allows carrying out projects at the top level, with the best effectiveness and fulfillment of all required standards . High efficiency of all the employees in the Company achieved thanks to continuous training. Warm and openhearted atmosphere in the team allows taking into account employees’ initiatives in improvement of operation. All the company employees can count on the quality medical service and have extended medical insurance.

The personnel of all services of the company constantly undergo various trainings to improve their qualification.

The open and trusting atmosphere in our team allows considering and implementing the initiatives of the employees to improve the production process and working conditions. 

High-quality medical services and enhanced health insurance are available to all company’s employees.


top managers with MBA degree


of the employees have higher education


of the employees were promoted last year  


years - age of the youngest project manager 


years of experience in the field of geological exploration has our most experienced employee


years - the average work experience of a drilling expert


employees’ initiatives have been implemented over the past year

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