Labor safety rules

Professional safety is our liability and mutual responsibility. All employees undergo trainings and safety competence assessment. Each employee should follow the rules and secure himself and his colleagues, since well done job is that one which was executed with observance of safety rules and regulations.

Time of project kick-off and projects execution

During 90 days we are ready to start almost any project in any part of the world, that is:
•    Deliver drilling rigs, geophysical equipment and auxiliary vehicle;
•    Establish  procurement; 
•    Create necessary infrastructure;
•    Form and bring highly qualified operating personnel. 
We achieved this through project experience to date, precise planning, team integration and automation of resource management process. Providing continuous operation of personnel and equipment we optimize total service costs and improve performance figures.  

Modern equipment and the best specialists

Implementation of modern equipment is the choice preference of effectiveness and environmental friendliness. We develop partnership, in a wide range of questions, with leading world manufacturers of drilling equipment.  Continuous cooperation with engineering services of our partners enables us to obtain emerging technologies, that gives us an opportunity to participate in the most complicated and audacious projects.
Special emphasis on questions of technology, personnel and equipment help us to achieve peak efficiency in drilling. Timely, professional and high quality maintenance allows equipment to work continuously during the whole project in the most difficult conditions. 

Continuous work in any climate and geographical conditions.

•       Russia –  -52ºC, stormy wind, snowstorm, 1800 km to North Pole;
•       Burkina-Faso – +45ºC, sand storms;
•       Liberia – raining season. 
The company provides safe and comfortable environment for the employees, supports and ensures continuous complex technological process. Experience to date and understanding of climate in tough climate conditions, geographic and national specifics allow planning and implementing projects effectively.  

Work in hard geological conditions

We pride ourselves on having a vast experience of participating in complicated projects requiring unconventional approaches to supplying drilling sites, researching, using innovative tools, and applying new technologies.

Reliable geological information

Our own geological service and long-term partnership with scientific and design institutions, analytical certified laboratories, Russian and international, make it possible to participate in demanding projects and deliver reliable geological information to the clients.
Accumulated experience in working in most varied mining and geological conditions, including the drilling in various rocks of directional, ascending and other wells of dierent purposes and designs secure our customers a reliable geological information.

Full set of services for turn-key projects

We offer a full set of services in the implementation of geological exploration projects of dierent maturity.

Extensive reporting and analyses

Business-process automation enables us to get geological data from the most distant locations in a real time manner.