We are interested in recruitment of the best specialists and creation of the most comfortable environment for their effective work and personal fulfillment.

Buddy system

Buddy system is developed in the company, that is experienced employees share their knowledge with entrants and help them to bring along their professional skills. We are looking for goal-oriented young specialists, which will contribute to further company well-being and its promotion on the market.  


We provide:

  • Competitive  compensation package;
  • Constantly improving system of social benefits; 
  • Opportunities for career development and professional growth in Managing company and on sites;
  • Interesting corporate life;
  • Insurance after the probationary period. 


Our company is creating internal candidates pool: provides opportunities for self-education, self-improvement and career progression. We place a high priority on education and development of employees on all the positions. New employees enter the team quickly and effectively, get understanding of a corporate culture, our traditions and work standards.   

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